Enabling sustainable industry

We are pioneers in industrial compressed air, environmental-friendly energy technology and automation with decades of experience. Take the next step with us towards a resource-wise industry of the future.
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Technology to make your industry more efficient

You get the best technology solutions for your business from us, as well as their maintenance and service. As an experienced player, we understand the operating environment of the industry and utilize the possibilities of the latest technology as a developer of industrial business.


We breathe the same air as the Finnish industry, and we take responsibility for our common environment. We enable truly effective and resource-efficient solutions that can measurably reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

Responsibility at Sarlin

Sarlin as a company

Sarlin Oy Ab is a Finnish family company founded in 1932, which serves industrial actors with innovative technology solutions.

Our core business idea is to build a better future for our business and the environment, built together with our partners. We believe in long-term customer relationships based on openness and mutual trust.
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