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We are your comprehensive partner in all matters of compressed air. Whatever you need for the production, optimization, maintenance and service of industrial compressed air, you get it from us.

We implement total solutions that allow you to use compressed air more wisely - in terms of energy savings, costs and quality assurance. From us, you get the most advanced solutions, tools and expertise in compressed air technology that enable your more efficient production.

We know the compressed air needs of numerous industries, and we can also design the most life-cycle solutions for your company, for which compressed air is an important resource. We have the ability to work on demanding processes and operating models, and we develop our service solutions in a customer-oriented manner.

Check out our most common industry solutions on this page.

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Our range of compressed air services is the widest in Finland

Thousands of compressed air equipment in the field of compressed air supply

More than 300 customers have chosen us as a service contract partner

More than 300 customers have chosen us as a service contract partner

Medicinal compressed air and oxygen

We deliver customized turnkey solutions for the production of medical compressed air and oxygen and nitrogen in demanding environments.

In medical compressed air, safety, reliability and high quality are paramount. Our compressed air meets the required quality requirements and standards, and our maintenance and inspection services ensure the smooth operation of the compressed air.

A significant part of Finnish medicinal compressed air is produced and controlled by Sarlin.
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Fire stations and rescue

In the case of compressed air for rescue missions, safety and security are uncompromising needs that we take care of. We offer, for example, breathing air compressors and safety filling cabinets, and we also take care of the installation, connection and maintenance of the equipment.
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Food, Brewing and Soft Drinks Industry

We supply compressed air solutions to the food industry that meet strict purity requirements and quality criteria.

In the food environment, the dryness of the compressed air, the microbial purity and the oil-free nature of the compressors are emphasized.
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The steel industry is a major user of compressed air, so improving the energy efficiency of the compressed air system will lead to significant cost savings. Thanks to the centralized control of the compressed air system, compressed air is sufficient in all consumption situations.

With our solutions, you can take significant steps towards more carbon-free production, as a controlled and optimized compressed air system produces measurable energy savings.
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Power plants

You get complete solutions for the use and control of compressed air in a power plant, which allows you to optimize the consumption of your important basic resources. Compressed air is sufficient for all consumption situations, thanks to centralized control.

With Sarlin's implementations, you can control and optimize your compressed air production as a whole, resulting in measurable electricity savings for your processes.
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Forest and bioproduct industry

We are an experienced solution provider for forest and bioproduct industry players. Our strong industry knowledge ensures that you get a total solution that works effectively at every stage of the process. With control and optimization, you can reduce both costs and environmental impact.
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Chemical industry

Our expertise covers compressed air solutions for demanding processes in the oil and plastics refining industry. Our complete solutions enable highly automated control, monitoring and optimization of compressed air production in terms of both cost and energy consumption.
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We design and implement safe and energy-efficient compressed air assemblies for demanding mining environments. Our Finland-wide service network, remote monitoring capability and control system ensure a steady return of your compressed air in all conditions.
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Shipbuilding industry

We have a strong ability to implement customized solutions and product packages for shipyard and marine industry players for efficient use of compressed air.
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Machinery industry

We implement efficient compressed air and nitrogen solutions for the diverse needs of machine shops. In large-scale implementations, ease of use, efficiency and cost savings are paramount.
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Finnish compressed air service

The Finnish Labor Association has awarded Sarlin's compressed air services the Avainlippu logo as a token to a service produced in Finland and employing in Finland.

Nearly 70 years of experience

We are the first Finnish producer of industrial compressed air solutions and our compressed air expertise is top in Finland. We are the market leader in the production of outsourced compressed air in Finland.

Extensive knowledge of technology

We are a company independent of the device manufacturers, which enables you to provide a comprehensive total service regardless of the device brand.


The intelligent Sarlin Balance control system is the first and only domestic complete solution for compressed air control and optimization.


Improving energy efficiency is integrated into each of our habits. With an optimized system, you can reduce energy waste and the environmental impact of your operations.

Energy efficiency

Sarlin Balance's annual energy savings in Finland are 46 GWh and CO2 reduction is 8,800 tonnes, which corresponds to the consumption of about 2,500 electrically heated detached houses and 9 round trips from Helsinki to Beijing. Sarlin Balance control can save 15-30% of energy costs.

Flexible partnership

We implement our solutions to suit your needs - from a single device to fully outsourced compressed air production.

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