Centralized data management

Real-time monitoring

Measured information to support decision

Applications and data collection

Applications and data collection

Smart and data-driven solutions serve your efficiency

What you can’t measure, you can’t monitor or develop. In industry, data is combined from many pieces, and the fragmentation of data weakens the overall picture management. With real-time tracking, you get accurate live information about what's happening in your production. The data collected also reveals bottlenecks in your process, such as wasted energy or unnecessary consumption. Thanks to measurement and monitoring, you can optimize the energy consumption of your production and develop its economy. Industrial Internet solutions also enable proactive maintenance, which helps maintain operational reliability and the best possible life cycle of the device.
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Centralized data management under one roof

Enabling data collection and utilization is the hard core of our digital services. We have the ability to design a total solution for your changing needs, as we know both the technology spectrum in the industry and the field-level measurement needs

From us, you get comprehensive solutions for the industrial internet for your industrial environment. We have all the hardware and know-how to take advantage of data and applications such as machine control, energy optimization and maintenance forecasting.

Working with our partners, we will find the best outcome for your business.

  • Sensors and gauges measure all the most common industrial quantities from your site

  • Local data transmission enables agile wireless or optical data movement, leaving expensive cable solutions a thing of the past

  • Secure remote connections and their management allow you to monitor production from one and the same platform.

  • Data collection and IIoT software solutions unify data management.

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Sarlin Balance - a cloud-based total solution for compressed air management

As a technology pioneer, we actively develop service technologies that provide measurable value to our customers.

The Sarlin Balance Smart Management System we have developed is the largest digital entity on the market for monitoring, controlling and optimizing compressed air production from one place.

Sarlin Balance collects real-time data from parts of your compressed air system, giving you a clear idea of the overall state of your system. The cloud-based Sarlin Balance IIot displays all the key figures of your system, including CO2 emissions, on one screen.

From the system, you can manage and optimize the efficiency of your entire production - for example, pressure levels, energy consumption and keep the mains pressure constant.

In Finland, Sarlin Balance controls up to 10% of the entire industrial compressed air production capacity.

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Data visible

By measuring, we bring out useful data about your production and operations. We also visualize the data in an easy-to-use format.

Data to understand

As we unify your data, you’ll also have access to previously scattered information accumulated from devices from equipment manufacturers released over different decades.

Cyber security

We ensure secure and controlled data transfer between systems with proven secure technologies.

Comprehensive partner network

We work closely and develop products with our partners, making you the first to innovate in the field.

A functioning logistics chain

We ensure the availability of products, components and critical spare parts so you can focus on your trouble-free production.

Technology expertise

We have both hardware used in control and the know-how accumulated over the decades, which allows us to implement the solutions best tailored to your business.

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