Gas and energy technology solutions

Gas and energy technology solutions

As a pioneer in environmentally friendly energy technology, we implement cost-effective, technologically advanced total solutions that make your business more efficient.

We help you on your way to a carbon-neutral future with renewable and low-emission gas and energy solutions. Our experience with environmentally friendly energy solutions is comprehensive. We have more than 20 years of experience in utilizing biogas. We have delivered a large part of Finland's natural and biogas filling stations. We also delivered the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling stations. For LNG evaporation, we supply complete satellite stations with tanks and evaporators.

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Energy efficiency

The time for an energy revolution is now. The need for resource-efficient energy use is growing, and energy-efficient solutions save both the environment and your costs.

As a Sarlin partner, you can increase the use of renewable energy in your production and switch to low-emission power sources that bring value to your customers and competitiveness.

Cost savings

Renewable and low-emission energy sources generate long-term savings. We design, implement and deliver a total solution that is not just an acquisition, but an implementation that is optimized throughout its lifecycle.

Circular economy and CO2 savings

Companies that are already investing in the circular economy and carbon neutrality today will be the successes of the future. We enable energy production where nothing is wasted, but pure domestic bioenergy is generated from waste and by-products.


Safety is built into all Sarlin implementations - we have over 30 years of experience in gas safety. We not only supply the equipment, but also take care of its commissioning, training of your staff and maintenance.

Streamlining operations

We know your business processes and their importance to the utilization rate and cost efficiency of your plant. Our experts design and implement solutions that fit the strategic goals of your business.

Gas and energy companies

We are an experienced partner for gas and energy companies to whom we supply clean technology energy solutions

We offer your company environmentally friendly solutions for energy production and gas utilization. We design, implement and maintain natural gas, biogas and LNG systems as well as environmentally friendly energy production facilities. We also supply gas booster and depressurisation stations.
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Circular economy and waste companies

Previously unusable waste is converted into environmentally friendly energy and recycled. With the help of Sarlin, you get landfill and digestion gases for recovery, from waste to energy and heat.

We are experienced experts in biogas. More than 80% of the electricity produced in Finland with biogas is generated by engine and turbine plants supplied by Sarlin. For biogas upgrading, we have developed a membrane-based upgrading plant. At upgrading plants, biogas is upgraded into biomethane.
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Water utilities

Water is a valuable resource for the processing and purification processes of which we provide you with expertise accumulated by long experience. Our solutions range from e.g. water filtration, UV disinfection and quality and gas safety control.

We supply engine, turbine and ORC equipment for the utilization of biogas generated in the digestion of sewage sludge. We also supply biogas upgrading and pressure boosting plants if you want to upgrade the gas into, for example, transport fuel or to be fed into the gas network.

We are a partner of Finland's largest water utilities and wastewater treatment plants; our service is trusted by e.g. the largest water treatment plant in the Nordic countries, Viikki Wastewater Treatment Plant.
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Process industry

We support the efficiency, quality and sustainability goals of your plant with our energy solutions. Our decades of experience in process industry partnerships, expert services and innovation will ensure you profitable implementations. We deliver equipment for e.g. process water filtration and gas safety solutions for personal gas protection and regional gas detection.
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Mining industry

Safety-enhancing and automated solutions are our expertise as your partner in mining industry. We design and implement solutions that improve your safety in regional gas monitoring as well as gas detectors for personal protection against gases.
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Transport companies

With us, you can move to a new generation of fuels responsibly. We offer heavy equipment CNG and LNG filling stations. This allows you to save on fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions. We have delivered gas filling stations all over Finland. You also get service and maintenance of stations under one roof from us.
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Food industry

Utilizing environmentally friendly energy is one of the most effective ways to reduce emissions from your production and promote the circular economy as part of your daily processes. With Sarlin's solutions, you can utilize the biogas generated from your production as renewable energy.
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Large farms

You can get the most out of your farm’s energy production potential when you harness agricultural waste, sludge and by-products into raw material for your biogas plant. We implement solutions for improving and utilizing the quality of biogas, which can help you increase the self-sufficiency of your energy production.
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