Energy saving in compressed air production / Sarlin Balance control

Calculate how much energy can be saved with a smart control system. Sarlin Balance controls the compressors, keeps the pressure constant, and provides measured information about the operation of the compressed air system.

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Jiri Viholainen,


tel. 010 550 4232

  kW Average air consumption m³/min * Fill in only Average running compressor power or Average air consumption
Type of running compressors

Specific power 7.5 kW/m³/min Lubricated screw
... Oil-free screw
Specific power 5.8 kW/m³/min Centrifugal
bar bar €/MWh
Energy saving per year 42 924 € 858 MWh Emission reduction per year 163 t CO₂
Before 306 600 €/a After 263 676 €/a