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Resource efficient and controlled compressed air

At Sarlin’s Guaranteed return service, we take responsibility for the financing, commissioning and maintenance of compressors and other compressed air equipment. We monitor alarms and operating hours of your equipment, and take care of periodic maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs.

Your maintenance staff no longer has to spend time troubleshooting or ordering maintenance, as we are up to date thanks to constant monitoring.

You are only responsible for the day-to-day operation of the system. Our compressed air experts are always in touch when you need support and advice.

Avoid unexpected repair costs

Properly measured and energy efficient equipment

Improve the quality of your compressed air and save energy

Save resources for your maintenance staff

Compressed air experts to support you

Reliable and economical compressed air equipment

With our service, you save on unexpected repair costs, as we monitor the operation of your equipment and we are responsible for equipment failures. With the monthly charge, you can anticipate your compressed air costs based on operating hours.

We are responsible for financing your compressed air equipment, which saves both your resources and costs. Old equipment used to produce compressed air can become expensive, as it is difficult to obtain financing for replacement investments, and in addition, the equipment employs your maintenance staff. When we take care of service and maintenance, you can be assured of a reliable and economical production of compressed air.

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Monthly price

The monthly charge based on operating hours includes financing, maintenance tasks, maintenance and repairs.

For compressor or the whole system

Our service is flexible according to your needs. It includes a single ≥15 kW compressor or a complete compressed air system. We can also include nitrogen production equipment in the service.

Maintenance and repairs

We keep your device in working order; we perform periodic equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs.


We document the service history of compressed air equipment and other actions we take.

Introduction and user training

We are responsible for the implementation of pneumatic equipment with the turnkey model, and we also provide you with comprehensive user training.


We monitor alarms and operating hours, which allows faults and anomalies to be addressed immediately. With the Sarlin Remote Lite monitoring system, you can monitor e.g. operating data, operating hours and alarms for your devices.


Finnish compressed air

The Key Flag Symbol Committee has awarded Sarlin's compressed air services The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu), which indicates the high degree of domesticity of the service.

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