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We analyze your compressed air system as a whole

Compressed air is a very reliable commodity, that is why attention is often paid to its output only in the event of disturbances. However, your compressed air system is as strong as its weakest links, therefore, it is worth doing a system analysis well in advance.

In a properly functioned compressed air system, all devices work properly both individually and as a whole. We do not only focus on compressors, but on the functionality of your entire compressed air system, the quality of the compressed air produced, and the pressure level and its variations. In addition to compressors, the compressed air system includes a compressed air distribution network and after-treatment equipment such as filters and dryers.

With the help of the AirAudit, you can find out for example:

  • Why are your devices not working optimally or due to their faults?
  • Is your compressed air system wasting energy and where could it be saved?
  • What is the efficiency of the compressors?
  • Is there room for improvement in the quality of your compressed air?
  • Do you need more compressor capacity and how should you select the size? You will receive an assessment of the adequacy of the current compressor capacity from us, as well as any suggestions for improvements to the operation of the compressors.
  • Whether your capacity needs are still due to the efficiency of the compressors - or if the problem is too little tank capacity, an undersized dryer or something else to fix.
  • Pressure level and its variations. If, for example, the pressure in the compressed air piping varies and the compressed air is not always sufficient, we will use the compressed air to find out the cause of the problems.

What is measured in AirAudit?

We collect key data from your compressed air system every second, usually for seven days.

Measurements do not cause production interruptions. In fact, we hope your production is running normally during the measurement.

Measurable data:

  • Power consumption of each compressor (total power)
  • Output pressure after compressors
  • Air pressure after air-treatment
  • Mains pressure from several points
  • Temperature of the compressed air going to the dryers
  • Compressor room temperature
  • Compressed air dew point

Developing energy efficiency is an important part of compressed air. We will find out how much energy your compressed air system consumes and what is the efficiency of the compressors. You will also find out how much pressure loss is caused by after-treatment and the compressed air network, pressure fluctuations and an estimate of the adequacy of the receiver capacity.

The report shows how well the compressor running settings match your compressed air consumption. Compressor pressure settings may be unnecessarily high. In this case, the compressors run in vain and energy is wasted. In addition, compressors require more frequent maintenance and wear faster.

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Customer story: Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy

The AirAudit revealed fault situations in the energy company's compressed air system and provided clear guidelines for reforms. Thanks to the findings, Napapiirin Energia ja Vesi Oy will receive even more energy-efficient and cost-saving compressed air.

The AirAudit analysis revealed, among other things, fluctuations in consumption, uneven operation of the compressors and frequent start-up intervals, unnecessarily high yield and mains pressures, a large pressure drop and insufficient drying capacity. The results of the analysis provided a clear roadmap for the development of the system.

Thanks to the cooperation, the concrete financial savings in compressed air production and the reduction of CO2 emissions have been more than 20%. Pressure losses have been significantly reduced and the pressure variation is less than 0.5 bar instead of the previous 2 bar.

More than 800 AirAudit for compressed air has implemented

We have helped hundreds of companies and organizations to make more efficient use of the compressed air system both in Finland and abroad.

Measured data

There is no need to guess the status of your compressed air system, as you will receive a comprehensive report of the measurements, which we will personally review with you.

Energy efficiency

AirAudit reveals the energy saving potential of your system. You will receive a comprehensive energy analysis and suggestions on how you can reduce your energy consumption.

Development proposals

AirAudit serves as a starting point for optimizing your compressed air system. You will receive development suggestions from us, which you can take to improve the efficiency and cost and energy savings of your compressed air system.

No production interruptions

You can keep your production running as normal during the measurement. Wireless and battery-powered Sarlin Data Loggers collect data securely from even a large factory.


Finnish compressed air

The Key Flag Symbol Committee has awarded Sarlin's compressed air services The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu), which indicates the high degree of domesticity of the service.

This is how your compressed air system is arranged for AirAudit

  1. Contact us and agree on a suitable time for the analysis of your compressed air system.
  2. We install Sarlin Dataloggers that collect data on your compressed air system and compressed air applications. You can continue your production as usual.
  3. The devices measure your compressed air system for 1 to 7 days. We will repair the equipment when the measurement is complete.
  4. We analyze the measured data and review the results with you in person. You will receive a comprehensive report of the findings.
  5. With our solution proposal, you get comprehensive development proposals on how to improve the energy efficiency and reliability of your compressed air system.
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