Project deliveries

Design, installation and maintenance of energy production plants as a complete delivery

We supply gas energy plants as a ready-made solution that you can utilize widely in industrial and transport applications. Turnkey plant delivery is trouble-free for you, as we take responsibility for the entire project and will continue to support you after delivery.

In project preparation, we help you map out alternatives and determine the feasibility of the project.

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Project preparation ensures a profitable starting point

As a comprehensive partner, we also serve you when you want to develop your plant or build a new one. We will help you throughout the project preparation - we will help you find the cost-effective solution that best suits you for equipment procurement and budgeting.

In development projects, you get an expert opinion from us on the utilization of the latest technologies.

In project preparation

  • We map out the options and profitability of your project.

  • We find the equipment options and packages that best suit your needs.

  • You get calculations on the payback period of your investment.

  • We find the possibilities for receiving various subsidies, and we assist you in applying for them.

  • You get an estimate of the realistic implementation schedule of your project.

Low-emission gas as energy source

The power source of our energy production plants is low-emission and cost-effective gas, which can be used to replace, for example, fuel oil or liquefied petroleum gas. Your plant can be powered by, for example, carbon-neutral biogas (CBG, LBG) or natural gas (CNG, LNG). In addition, with the ORC system, we recover waste heat on the principle of circular economy.

You can utilize gas in the production of electricity and heat with gas engines or microturbines, the supply of which we take care of.

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Project delivery steps

We will assist you throughout the project, and also after that.

  1. We start with a needs and project mapping. We will go through with you what kind of energy solution best serves your needs.
  2. In the budget discussion, you will receive an implementation proposal from us with the budget prices, and if necessary, we will review the financing options that suit you. You can also acquire the plant as a lease.
  3. We make equipment selections in cooperation with our comprehensive and reliable supplier network. In procurement negotiations, we lock all the details of the offer.
  4. Sarlin professional project management enables the commissioning of the plant on schedule and according to plan.
  5. Our ongoing service and maintenance will ensure the proper functioning of your facility.

High efficiency plant as project delivery

  • We design the production plant according to the energy source and the need for use.

  • We implement a solution in the design of which we take into account the plant's life cycle, cost efficiency and energy saving potential.

  • We supply a CE-marked and pre-tested set of equipment. With our extensive networks, the availability, storage and sourcing of critical spare parts is guaranteed.

  • We install the equipment and take care of commissioning the plant.

  • Thanks to our service agreement, you do not have to spend resources on maintenance or troubleshooting, as we take care of both preventive maintenance and repairs for you.

  • You also receive operating services from us, in which case the operation of the plant does not require your own resources.

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Maintenance contract

Our maintenance ensures that you get energy with high utilization rate. Our equipment manufacturer-certified service personnel are responsible for preventive maintenance, repairs and malfunction in your plant. You will also be informed of the cost of maintenance in advance.

The whole solution from one supplier

We take responsibility for the functioning of your facility, allowing you to focus on your core business. We take care of the compatibility, operational readiness and maintenance of the equipment.

New generation gas technology

As a Sarlin partner, you will be able to take advantage of the latest opportunities in gas energy. We have almost thirty years of experience in biogas, natural gas and gas utilization, and we are a pioneer in the utilization of LNG in Finland. We are also responsible for the design and implementation of automation of the plants.

Regulatory requirements

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the European and local requirements and standards by which we design and implement solutions. We have been cooperating with Tukes and technical inspection institutes for a long time.

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