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Continuous optimization saves energy and costs

In the service, we are responsible for ensuring that your compressed air is produced in the most efficient way possible. That’s why we monitor and control your compressed air system as a whole, where each device works efficiently both alone and as part of the system.

When we take care of optimizing and monitoring your compressed air production, you get compressed air in an energy-efficient way and the adequacy of compressed air in all consumption situations is ensured.

We ensure that you have the most suitable compressor combination and the best operating range of the compressors according to your energy efficiency and air needs, which not only saves energy but also your equipment. Your compressors run smoothly with as few stops and starts as possible, extending their life cycle.

Thanks to the optimization, the total cost of your compressed air system is reduced. The compressors operate in the optimum operating range and evenly.

The control system detects pressure fluctuations by continuously comparing the compressor output and network pressure, and based on that, keeps the network pressure constant. In addition, it reacts quickly to changes in compressed air consumption, so there is no need to oversize the output pressure.

Based on our hundreds of measurements, the energy saving potential of compressed air system optimization is 15 - 30%.

For all compressor brands

Comprehensive data collection and history

100% satisfaction and 99.9% availability guarantee

Expert help is always near to you

Efficiency, controllability and reliability of your compressed air production improves

Sufficient compressed air is available in all consumption situations

You can monitor the operation of your compressed air system in real time

Measured and real-time data provides conditions for development measures

To optimize compressed air yield, we use the Sarlin Balance system, which leaves no key figure in your compressed air system unnoticed. We determine the control system setpoints based on our analysis of your compressed air system. The real-time situation of the compressed air system is also visible to you. We will guide you through the use of the system.

Based on the data collected by Sarlin Balance, you can easily see how much compressed air is actually consumed and how much energy is used to produce it. The measured data will help you in the decision to purchase any additional production capacity. You will also receive development suggestions for the compressed air system from us.

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Production data collected by Sarlin Balance

  • Pressure levels across the network
  • Energy and air consumption
  • Compressor and dryer operating data
  • Dew points and temperatures

As certain thresholds approach, the system will send an SMS alert to both you and our control so that the matter can be rectified quickly. The data is also stored in historical data, which means that the causes of fault situations can also be determined afterwards

Reduce energy consumption

Thanks to lower network pressure and energy-efficient use of compressors, you reduce unnecessary consumption and save on costs. The average energy savings from optimization are 15-30%.

Improve reliability

Continuous optimization and control ensure even network pressure and sufficient air supply even during consumption peaks.

Continuous control and monitoring

There is no need to guess the impact of the measures, as we use Sarlin Balance to monitor the key figures of your compressed air system, on the basis of which we optimize your system.

Flexible agreement

We optimize your compressed air system for a fixed monthly fee. We can change the contract flexibly, for example in connection with increasing air production capacity.

Experts at your service

We know your system so you can focus on your core competencies. Our compressed air experts monitor the operation of your system, report the figures and review them with you.


Finnish compressed air

The Key Flag Symbol Committee has awarded Sarlin's compressed air services The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu), which indicates the high degree of domesticity of the service.

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