Maintenance and operation services

Maintenance and operation services of gas and energy equipment with a nationwide network

We provide comprehensive maintenance of gas and energy technology equipment, technical support and 24/7 monitoring operation control of your plant. Our maintenance contract enables a high utilization rate of your plant and keeps the cost structure clear.

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Service and maintenance of gas and energy technology equipment

We maintain a wide range of gas and energy technology equipment, both as a proactive service and as troubleshooting and repair as necessary. Our contracts are flexible according to your needs.

With our long experience and as a pioneer in energy technology, we know the maintenance needs and the requirements of the latest technology. Our service base includes more than 80 biogas, biomethane (CBG and LBG) and natural gas (CNG and LNG) processing and utilization plants.

Our service base includes:
  • Cogeneration plants for natural gas and biogas (gas engines, microturbines, ORC equipment).
  • Gas filling stations
  • Biogas pumping stations
  • Gas processing plants
  • Gas filtration and drying systems
  • Torch burners
  • Gas monitoring systems, gas detectors and analyzers

Our range of after-sales services is comprehensive, from filter and oil changes to equipment overhaul or modernization.

Our maintenance services include:
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Operation and emergency services
  • Calibrations
  • Gas analysis
  • Operation control services and statutory inspections

Our maintenance services also include the maintenance of electrical and automation systems. You will also receive expert services from us, such as gas analysis and operation control services (natural gas and pressure equipment) as well as periodic inspections.

Maintenance contract guarantees operational reliability and a clear cost structure

When you want to ensure a high utilization rate of your plant, Sarlin's maintenance contract provides security for the operation of your plant.

In the maintenance contract, we take responsibility for the control of the operation of your plant, preventive maintenance and the necessary repairs. You get access to technical support and our on-call service, which resolves faults quickly and cost-effectively. You also know the cost of maintenance in advance.

You will be served by our knowledgeable and experienced service team, which will take responsibility for the preventive maintenance and repair needs of your site as agreed.

As a service contract customer, you always have priority for urgent maintenance or repair needs. We store the most common and critical spare parts ourselves, so their availability is guaranteed.

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Operation control 24/7

Our remote operation control monitors the operation of your plant around the clock, which enables high utilization and optimized operation. Operation control detects anomalies, leaks and interruptions immediately, as well as enables preventive maintenance measures.

Technical support

Our technical support service resolves support and fault situations quickly, regardless of location. Our experts can see the situation of your equipment remotely, and if necessary, we can also take care of the remote use of the equipment.

Reporting and follow-up

You will receive a comprehensive report from us on the operation of your plant. We store the maintenance history of machines and equipment in our tracking system, from which key figures are easy to track.

Nationwide service network

Our service network extends from south to north throughout Finland. As a local operator, we are at your destination on site quickly.

Certified service partner

We are a certified service partner of several manufacturers: e.g. Caterpillar Energy Solutions, Honeywell Life Safety, Bauer Compressors and Capstone Turbines.

Our work and spare parts meet the requirements of equipment manufacturers, so warranties remain valid and availability is high.

Flexible operating model

We provide maintenance services for equipment supplied by both Sarlin and others. We agree on the whole maintenance according to your needs, which gives you the best service optimized to your needs.

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Interested in comprehensive after-sales service? Contact us and we will go through what kind of maintenance needs are most suitable for your plant.

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