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Environmentally friendly energy without investment costs

By outsourcing your energy production, you will have access to environmentally friendly energy without investment costs and resources. We take overall responsibility for the plant's operations, such as equipment investments, plant operation and maintenance.

Energy sources are e.g.

  • biogas (landfill gas)
  • gas produced from biomass in a biogas reactor (digestion gas)
  • natural gas

You can use the gas energy we produce in many ways in the production of electricity and heat, as well as in your own consumption. We can also connect the plant to the electricity distribution network.

In addition to the production of electricity and heat, you can also use gas as a transport fuel (LNG, LBG, CNG, CBG). If the gas application is located outside the gas pipeline, we can store the gas in storage tanks.

Energy production as a total service

We meet your energy production needs with a turnkey model. You will get from us e.g.:

  • biogas pumping stations
  • microturbines
  • gas purification and processing systems
  • ORC systems
  • liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage tanks
  • gas evaporation systems
  • gas filling stations
  • trailers for the transport of liquefied gas
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Flexible pricing

We agree with you on a suitable pricing model; for example, you can choose a flat monthly fee or pricing based on the energy produced.

Operation and maintenance

Energy production does not require resources from you, as we are responsible for the operation, control and maintenance of the plant.

Operation control 24/7

We monitor and control the operation of your plant through our remote connection, that allows us to quickly detect consumption deviations, anticipated maintenance needs and optimization opportunities.

Nationwide service network

We take care of the operation of your equipment through our proactive service and maintenance measures. Our service network covers the entire country, and quickly serves needs of repair.


We regularly report on the operation of the plant and take care of its development in accordance with the agreement. We will review the report with you at agreed intervals so that the current operation of the facility or future maintenance and development needs do not remain unclear. This in turn facilitates anticipation of future measures, and budgeting for facility maintenance costs.

Technology partnership

We are a pioneer in environmentally friendly energy technology in Finland, and we have almost 30 years of experience in utilizing gas. With us, you will be among the first to take advantage of low-emission energy technology innovations.

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