Compressor maintenance

We service and repair all brands of industrial compressors with almost 70 years of compressed air experience. We serve all over Finland with long experience and we take care of the boars in order, regardless of the application

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Compressed air maintenance and spare parts

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Proactive maintenance increases operational reliability

Uninterrupted production of compressed air is crucial to your production process. Therefore, you should pay attention to the preventive maintenance of compressed air equipment to avoid fault situations.

Regular, timely and professional maintenance prevents downtime and equipment failures. In this way, you get the highest possible quality compressed air for your use without interruptions.

Our maintenance service improves energy efficiency and generates cost savings, because thanks to the maintenance, your devices work optimally.

We service e.g. the following compressor and dryer brands:
• Aerzen
• Almig
• Atelier Francois
• Atlas Copco
• Bauer
• Belliss & Morcom
• Boge
• Cooper
• CompAir
• Donaldson
• Gardner Denver
• Hanwha Techwin
• Hertz Compressors
• Hydrovane
• Ingersoll-Rand
Our maintenance services
• Periodic maintenance
• Oil changes
• Filter replacements
• Separator maintenance
• Repairs
• Installation services
• Measurement services
• Spare parts for compressed air compressors
Comprehensive installation and measurement services
• Installation and commissioning
• Replacement of screw elements
• Amendments
• Remote monitoring
• Technical support and consulting
• Pressure and temperature measurements
• Dew point measurements
• Power measurements and analyzes
• Bearing vibration measurements
• Air quality measurements
• Air volume measurements
• Capacity measurements and capacity demand estimates

Compressor maintenance with solid experience

Decades of experience in compressed air production and maintenance have brought us the country's most comprehensive expertise in compressor maintenance and compressed air after-treatment equipment maintenance.

We carry out periodic maintenance and repair of all brands of lamellar compressors, reciprocating compressors, centrifugal compressors and screw compressors for industrial use. We also service compressed air dryers and other after-treatment equipment.

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A fixed-price maintenance contract takes care of everything for you

A maintenance contract is the solution when you want to focus on your own production instead of compressor maintenance. Under the contract, we will take care of everything in your compressor maintenance according to a pre-agreed plan.

At service contract sites, we take responsibility for the maintenance of compressors and after-treatment equipment and maintain them in accordance with the maintenance program.

You get a fixed-price contract for maintenance and spare parts for compressed air compressors, so you know in advance what your compressor maintenance will cost annually.

We also take into account the optimal production of compressed air, as in connection with maintenance we monitor the number of hours of the machines and save the maintenance history of the machine in our system. The maintenance contract is flexible according to your needs and we can change it as your equipment and compressed air production capacity changes.

Thousands of compressed air equipment are serviced

Our compressor service includes more than a thousand compressed air units and more than 300 customers have chosen us as a service contract partner. Maintenance is provided by a team of 25 professionals.

Nearly 70 years of experience in compressed air

You don’t have to be a compressed air expert, because we at Sarlin are. Our system knowledge is the most comprehensive in the country: we have been a pioneer in compressed air technology and service solutions in Finland for almost 70 years.

Nationwide service network

Our service network extends from Southern Finland to Lapland, which guarantees fast and cost-effective service.

Installation and measurement services

In addition to maintenance, you will receive comprehensive compressed air optimization services from us. We analyze the condition of your compressed air system, perform leak surveys and extensive quality and quantity measurements.


Finnish compressed air service

Our compressed air service has been awarded the Finnish Labor Union's Key Flag badge, which is an indication of the high degree of domesticity of our service.

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