Compression air leakage mapping

Compressed air leakage mapping reveals expensive leaks

Don't you waste your compressed air on leaks? A compressed air leak can consume up to 30% of your compressor capacity - literally by hissing in the air. By repairing leaks, you also eliminate one of the biggest factors wasting energy in your compressed air production.

Sarlin Compressed Air Leakage Mapping pays for itself quickly with Repaired Leak Corrections.

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Latent compressed air leaks are common

Compressed air leaks are deceptive as they are difficult to hear or see in a factory environment. However, the disadvantages of the leak will continue until the leak is repaired. Therefore, leak mapping should be included in maintenance processes.

Compressed air leaks occur continuously. We have found in several maintenance studies that compressed air leaks increase steadily as production processes run, although the largest holes are sought to be patched during maintenance outages.

Compressed air leaks cause both unnecessary energy consumption, but also disruptions to production. The failure function of a pneumatic actuator is often caused by a leak. As the leakage in the cylinder or other actuator increases, there is no longer enough power, but the trajectory remains incomplete and the result is an interruption of operation.

Compressed air leaks often contaminate their environment by blowing fine debris around so that the equipment around them is disrupted.


The cost of compressed air leak can rise to the clouds

Do you know how much a compressed air leak costs? Every leak is an unnecessary cost. A leak hole of just a few millimeters can cost thousands of euros a year.

See on the counter how much a compressed air leak costs

It is advisable to perform a compressed air leak survey annually

  • Leakage is impossible to detect in a noisy factory without professional tools and technology.
  • Latent leaks become expensive and money literally evaporates into the air.
  • Mapping eliminates unnecessary energy consumption, as leaks are the largest single energy waster in compressed air production.
  • At worst, you are acquiring additional compressed air capacity because the need for consumption has increased due to leaks. Ideally, you can save on equipment purchases with leak detection.
  • Compressed air leaks interfere with production processes.
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Sarlin compressed air leakage mapping

  1. We will go through your compressed air system as a basis for leak mapping.
  2. We look for leaks in the agreed area of your production facility - you can keep your production running at all times.
  3. We will report the results and review the report with you. You will be informed of any leaks found, their magnitude and suggestions for repair.
  4. Find out the significance of leaks as a consumer of compressor capacity.

Strong experience in compressed air

We have been working on energy efficient and high quality compressed air for decades. We know your system as a whole so you can focus on your production instead of compressed air systems.

The best hardware

We use high-quality search equipment for leak mapping, with which we find even the smallest leaks. To determine the amount of leakage, we use an air volume meter to get an idea of the actual cost.

Measurable savings

Even the slightest compressed air leak is a fraudulent and unnecessary expense - but fortunately can be repaired. You will receive documentation from us about the calculated cost of the leak.


Our reporting comprehensively highlights leaks in your compressed air system. You can find out the leak amounts, locations and costs.

Energy efficiency

Compressed air leakage mapping is an integral part of the energy efficiency of the entire compressed air system. In the surveys, we consider the totality of your system, as the energy-saving system is also cost-effective and has the best possible life cycle.


Finnish compressed air

The Key Flag Symbol Committee has awarded Sarlin's compressed air services The Key Flag Symbol (Avainlippu), which indicates the high degree of domesticity of the service.

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