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Chosen: Weighing and force measurement

Weighing and force measurement

Weighing is the traditional method of gaining an exact and actual quantity of flowing material or material to be dosed or stored. The weighing cell transfers mechanical force into output voltage, which is then converted with high-quality transmitters into the desired unit of weight (g, kg, t). Depending on the application, the conveyor speed may be added to the equation to provide mass per time unit. We provide a wide selection of weighing systems for static and dynamic weighing solutions. We have various examples of SEG belt scale applications from several decades. Our selection also contains high-quality container weighing solutions whose advanced measurement converters also cover current bus procedures. Furthermore, we provide the most common standard weighing cells, accessories and force and stress sensors. Our selection also includes commercial solutions that meet the OIML and ATEX requirements. Our experts have solid practical experience in weighing.