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Greenlane Biogas - biogas upgrading plants

Greenlane Biogas biokaasun jalostusjärjestelmä

The Greenlane Biogas systems were developed to purify raw biogas.

With its third-generation plants, Greenlane Biogas is the technical forerunner in the field. Greenlane® CSFR (Compression-Scrubbing-Flash-Recovery) is an advanced and energy-efficient biogas purification system. The system utilises a technology that purifies biogas by using regular water. The method has a lower environmental impact than any other purification technology. Compared with solvent-based methods, the system is safe for both the operating staff and the environment.

 Biogas typically consists of 65% methane and 35% carbon dioxide. Before biogas can be used as vehicle fuel or applied to the natural gas pipework, its relative methane content must be increased by removing carbon dioxide.

The Greenlane purification system uses water to scrub unnecessary and harmful CO2, H2S and VOC compounds from biogas. All water-soluble compounds are removed, resulting in high-quality biomethane. The method is based on high vertical columns, water flowing in them and high pressure. When pressurised, the water-soluble gases dissolve better and more efficiently to the water moving against the current.

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The Greenlane Biogas purification system features

  • Standard units – easy to install
  • Water used in scrubbing – lower environmental impact
  • Can achieve a methane content of 99%
  • Can also be used for biogas with high H2S content
  • Automated system
  • Low operating costs


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