Käytämme evästeitä tarjotaksemme käyttäjäystävällisen asiakaskokemuksen. Jatkaessasi sivuston käyttöä, hyväksyt evästeiden käytön. Lue lisää evästeistä.


Our invoicing address and e-invoice operator have changed 1st October 2019

Invoice processing - please note

Please include the following information in order to ensure smooth processing of your invoice.

  • Purchase order number (POxx)
  • Project number, if known (eg.PR8172/10) 
  • Sarlin's reference (name)
  • Cost center

Please note: Only one purchase order / invoice.

Invoices with incomplete information will be returned to the sender.


  • Company: Sarlin Oy Ab
  • Reg.no / VAT FI06126835
  • E-invoice address: 003706126835
  • Operator: 003723327487/Apix Oy

Invoices by e-mail

Address: sarlin@skannaus.apix.fi

Please note:

  • E-mail recipient (To): sarlin@skannaus.apix.fi (no other addresses)
  • Use of CC and BCC addresses is allowed
  • Subject: only word "Invoice" and the invoice number
  • Only one invoice in one e-mail. 
  • Invoices are to be attached as PDFs. Note: Sending invoices in any other format is not allowed and will not be processed, also e-mail body text is not processed.
  • Invoice attachments must be in the same file with the invoice: first page invoice, attachments after that.
  • The sending e-mail address must be able to receive e-mails.
  • Rejected e-mail invoices will be returned to sender's email.

Invoices by mail

Sarlin Oy Ab
PL 1000
00781 HELSINKI, Finland

  • Acceptable paper size:  A4 (210 x 297 mm, 8,267 x 11,692 in)
  • Paper weight: 70-120 g/m² 
    (2,47 - 4,23 oz/1,2 yr2)
  • Invoices and attachments must be in the same envelope.
  • Quality of printing must be good.
  • No staples or paperclips.

For additional information please contact:

Saila Kuhlman, saila.kuhlman (at) sarlin.com​