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Sarlin Oy Ab

Sarlin Oy Ab is forerunner in industrial compressed air, automation, and sustainable energy technology.

We implement, maintain and service the technological solutions ideal for our customers. We understand industry and see the possibilities of technology in developing industrial business.

The Sarlin way is to find the best equipment and the ideal suppliers for each instance. We want to find novel solutions to resolve even the greatest technological development challenges.

Energy and Gas Solutions

Sarlin Oy Ab is forerunner in environment-friendly energy technology.

It is our passion to discover the best, most functional technical solution that surpasses your expectations and genuinely advances your business.

We provide tailored high-efficiency complete solutions to utilize environment-friendly energy, in both new and renovation projects.

We take charge of the maintenance, monitoring, operation and reporting of the plants we supply. The Sarlin-designed remote monitoring system improves operability.

We have gained expertise in biogas for more than twenty years. Having started with biogas pumping plants and flares, we are now focusing on the exploitation of biogas.

More than 80% of the biogas electricity in Finland is now generated by turbine and engine power plants supplied by Sarlin. We have delivered about 30 natural and biogas filling stations. We also supply LCNG- and LNG- filling stations and industrial LNG-satellite stations.