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Sarlin Oy Ab

Sarlin Oy Ab is forerunner in industrial compressed air, automation, and sustainable energy technology.

We implement, maintain and service the technological solutions ideal for our customers. We understand industry and see the possibilities of technology in developing industrial business.

The Sarlin way is to find the best equipment and the ideal suppliers for each instance. We want to find novel solutions to resolve even the greatest technological development challenges.

Compressed Air Solutions

Sarlin has provided compressed-air solutions for Finnish industry for over 60 years  - always offering the optimum solution to your compressed air need.

We guarantee correctly-sized compressed-air plants, both technologically and financially – from a single compressor to complete compressed-air systems.

You can also choose to purchase your compressed air from us and only pay for the air you consume. The core proficiency of our compressed-air department is the system control technologies, and we want to be the world leaders here.

The optimum solutions are guaranteed by our comprehensive proficiency, service and 60 years of experience in air compression. Our sales and service network operates all over Finland.

Compressed-air services

Sarlin provides the most extensive compressed-air services in the market, from compressor servicing to air production: the customer only pays for the air consumed.



Our comprehensive selection of compressors meets all kinds of industrial compressed-air needs.

Air and condensate treatment

After the compressor, compressed air always contains impurities that need to be removed before usage. We provide all the equipment and material for air purification and condensate treatment.

Special applications

We supply production solutions for medical compressed air – the air quality meets the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia.

Nitrogen generation – reliable nitrogen supply from your compressed-air system.

Sarlin Balance - Compressed Air Management

Sarlin Balance is a management solution combining system and service, specifically designed for compressed air.

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