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Sarlin Oy Ab is forerunner in industrial compressed air, automation, and sustainable energy technology.

We implement, maintain and service the technological solutions ideal for our customers. We understand industry and see the possibilities of technology in developing industrial business.

The Sarlin way is to find the best equipment and the ideal suppliers for each instance. We want to find novel solutions to resolve even the greatest technological development challenges.

We are working closely together with our customers and high technology suppliers.  As a result of co-operation we design, develop and deliver the best innovative solutions for industrial area.

We aim to help our customers strengthen their business in their own market and improve their com-petitive advantage in fast changing environment. We are present near by the customers and we are familiar with the challenges and special demands of the Finnish industry.

Our expertise offers the best functionality of the customer based solutions and our effective logistics will ensure on time deliveries.

Factory automation

We offer sensor solutions for specific areas including machine builders, production automation and mobile equipment use.
Our expertise is available for your benefit. We can help you to make a right selection for your automation application.

Process automation

We offer instrumentation equipment and solutions for all process industry needs, even the most challenging applications.
Our expertise is available for your benefit. We can help you to make a right selection for your automation application. 

Machine safety

We offer solutions to make sure your equipment and production lines meet the requirements of the latest Machine Directive. Our consultancy is available for your benefit. We assist you in designing a system that meets the machine safety regulations.

Control and display technology, data communications

We provide remote communication systems for service purposes, controlling and data acquisition. We have innovative solutions for combine different industrial communication protocols in one source. SCADA systems and industrial displays serves all the data centralized in visualization and reporting purposes.