ORC heat recovery systems

Triogen-logo.jpgTriogen ORC heat recovery systems - Green power from heat

The Triogen ORC system produces electricity e.g. from the exhaust gas of a gas or diesel motor. Heat energy produced with bio fuel can also be converted into electric energy.

See the Photos and Videos tab to see how a sawmill turns its waste heat into useful energy with the Triogen ORC system.

Operating principle, Triogen ORC

  • The system utilizes the ORC technology (Organic Rankine Cycle)
  • Instead of water, an organic fluid is used that suits the temperature of the source of heat (e.g. toluene, isobutane, isopentane or various silicone oils). Organic fluids allow using lower temperatures.
  • The ORC process requires no further fuel to operate, so the electricity does not increase the CO2 emission from the process.

​The Triogen ORC system utilizes various sources of heat

  • Exhaust gases from natural and bio gas motors
  • Exhaust gases from diesel motors
  • Exhaust gases from gas turbines
  • Process heat
  • Furnace heat
  • Bio mass (see the video of the sawmill)
  • Any source of heat > 350 ºC


Triogen ORC features

  • Power 165 kWe
  • Utilization of waste heat over 350 ºC
  • No emissions
  • Several applications (heat sources)
  • Automated operation