Biogas upgrading plants

Biogas upgrading plants

Bio gas typically contains 65% methane and 35% carbon dioxide. Before bio gas can be used as vehicle fuel or applied to the natural gas pipework, its relative methane content must be increased and as much carbon dioxide must be removed as possible.
Greenlane Biogas systems were developed to purify raw bio gas. With its third-generation plants, Greenlane Biogas is the technical forerunner in the field.

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Advantages of the Greenlane Biogas purification plant
  • Standard units – easy to install
  • Purification by water – less environmental impact
  • 99% methane content attainable
  • Accepts bio gas with a high H2S content
  • The process consumes very little energy

Greenlane® CSFR (Compression-Scrubbing-Flash-Recovery) is an advanced energy efficient bio gas purification system. It uses pressurized water to remove carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide from raw biogas.

Greenlane Biogas - bio gas upgrading plant