Biogas pumping plants and systems

Biogas pumping plants and systems

Biokaasujärjestelmät-200-px.jpgThe decomposition of organic matter produces biogas, an excellent source of energy at its best. Landfill gas needs to be collected and treated appropriately in order to avoid problems. Sarlin has supplied dozens of gas treatment plants for waste deposits.
Our biogas pumping plants keep collecting an amount of methane that corresponds to 500,000 tons of carbon dioxide – a significant contribution to averting global warming.

Biogas pumping plant

The biogas pumping plant maintains a sufficient underpressure in the gas collection network safely so that the gas flows into the system in a controlled way and harmful environmental impacts are reduced.

  • The biogas pumping plant is unmanned and automatic.
  • The biogas pumping plant is controlled by PLC which can be connected to a computer for data logging and follow-up.
  • The gas is either utilized or burnt in a flare.

Biogas collection pipework


The biogas collection pipework can be constructed vertically or horizontally, depending on the landfill height.

Utilizing biogas

Biogas can be burnt in a flare, but Sarlin also provides ways of utilizing biogas.

  • Production of electricity, heat and steam in a micro turbine or motor power plant
  • Biogas purification for fuel use

Our services

  • When required, we take charge of the plant operation and maintenance
  • With a service contract, we also take charge of the investment
  • Gas generation analyses and test pumping
  • Gas treatment system design